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We are a PvE Guild
This means PvE > All. You will be required to spend your talent points where it's most suited for your class to assist the guild in raid encounters. You will be required to farm the materials needed and read up on the encounters that we are facing. Each member will have a trial period of two weeks, or longer if deemed necessary.

Mature behavior
As a guild of mostly adult people we expect a certain amount of maturity from all our players, and do not tolerate childish behavior. We do strive to have a fun time though and jokes and pranks can be rather common, so you should be ready to handle this without feeling bad about it. If you feel something has gotten out of hand though, it should be reported to an officer.

Remember that officers are not getting paid for their job so try not to challenge their patience.

Our forum is something like the heart of the guild, and this is where all important information will be posted, you will be expected to check it every day for news and information.

Our raiding times have not been decided yet.

Leaving early, going AFK, faking disconnections or whatever is not appreciated and can lead to a gkick. We do however try to fit in one or two breaks of 10/15 minutes during our runs for people to get fresh air and stretch their legs. Should you need to go away for an extended period of time (3 days or more); it must be reported on our forums so that the officers can plan the raids accordingly. Being offline more then 7 days without any notification will lead to a gkick.

Before joining a raid there are a few things you should first make sure of. Firstly, did you make sure you are prepared for it: durability, potion/elixir and flask requirements etc? You will be expected to stay alert and focused during all our raids, failure to do so will mean that you may be replaced. Class balance and player choices are all up to the raid leaders to decide on depending on the encounter, although we will try to give everyone a fair chance. Bad performance or not being prepared will mean that we take someone else.

  • Being on time is vital. Do not expect a summon if you are late. You will most likely also lose your spot if you do not show up on time.

  • While in a raid you are expected to act responsibly. Always follow the raid leaders instructions and suggestions.

We have not yet decided on a loot system. However, it is likely that loot will first be given to the players we (officers, raid leaders and GM) we feel get most use out of it in order to help us achieve PvE progress.