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Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:23 pm

Null is an Classic Alliance WoW guild located on the US realm Ashkandi. To apply you must register on the forum and then copy and paste the below template into a new thread.

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[b]Tell us about yourself[/b]
[b]- Who are you IRL?: [/b]
[b]- How old are you?: [/b]
[b]- What Timezone are you in?: [/b]
[b]- When did you first start playing WoW?: [/b]

[b]Tell us about your WoW character[/b]
[b]- Class: [/b]
[b]- Race: [/b]
[b]- Spec (please include a screenshot): [/b]
[b]- You might get asked to respec based on guild needs, are you willing to do that?: [/b]
[b]- Do you have any alts? If yes, what kind of classes?: [/b]

[b]Previous raid experience[/b]
If you have raided before (in retail) please describe your experiences as detailed as possible.

[b]- Did you read our guild rules and do you accept them?: [/b]