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Application Template

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 1:23 pm
by Awinee

Null is an Classic Alliance WoW guild located on the US realm Ashkandi. To apply you must register on the forum and then copy and paste the below template into a new thread.

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[b]Tell us about yourself[/b]
[b]- Who are you IRL?: [/b]
[b]- How old are you?: [/b]
[b]- What Timezone are you in?: [/b]
[b]- When did you first start playing WoW?: [/b]

[b]Tell us about your WoW character[/b]
[b]- Class: [/b]
[b]- Race: [/b]
[b]- Spec (please include a screenshot): [/b]
[b]- You might get asked to respec based on guild needs, are you willing to do that?: [/b]
[b]- Do you have any alts? If yes, what kind of classes?: [/b]

[b]Previous raid experience[/b]
If you have raided before (in retail) please describe your experiences as detailed as possible.

[b]- Did you read our guild rules and do you accept them?: [/b]